I am very grateful for the opportunity to live in the United States.    One aspect, which I enjoy in the US, is that there is running water everywhere: running water in kitchens, bathrooms, and public places, etc.    Water abundance in the USA is always amazing.    I do not have to worry about  water availability or going thirty in America.   When I turn on running water, a sense of calmness and gratitude run through my body, because I did not grow up with running water.    I had to carry water like many children in Africa for my family.  This was the way of life of our society in West Africa.

The lack of water did not only affect me and my family, it is a major issue which affects millions of people living in villages in West Africa and communities around the world.  Water is a vital resource, water is essential for survival.   Many people in Africa and around the world wish to have:

  • Clean drinking water for their family
  • Water for their cattle
  • Water for their crops
  • Water and food for wild animals

I know this because I was there; I was one without a reliable source of clean water.  My thoughts are always with those that I left, whose livelihood is dependant of water.  My goal is to bring water shortage awareness to Americans.

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I want to thank all the people who visited the site to read this story.   The book “How the Hare Saved the Animals of the Savanna from a Drought”.  Is now available in books stores.


Rachel Russell

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How the Hare saved the animals of the savanna

Once upon a time, in the savanna, all animals were living together away from man.  the only animals that lived with man were the cows and the donkeys. Cows and donkeys were given to man for milk to feed the family and farm work. Man was still not satisfied; he wanted all the animals to come and live with him in the village.

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